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Cosmetic Injectables

To the novice, the world of cosmetic medicine can be confusing and a little overwhelming so it’s important that you get the best advice available when you are considering treatment options.

Dr Jihan Biktor has a special interest in all aspects of skin medicine and offers “no-obligation” cosmetic consultations, outlining treatment options that best suit your needs.  She uses a high quality, long-lasting, anti-wrinkle product that offers superior cosmetic results.

Anti-wrinkle injections can be used on frowns, crows feet and forehead lines.  They can also strategically relax targeted muscles to slim the jawline and create an eyebrow lift.  Not only do anti-wrinkle injections address existing wrinkles they can help prevent new wrinkles developing.

Patient receiving anti-wrinkle injections on the forehead from a skilled skin medicine doctor as part of our Cosmetic Injectables service.

Book an appointment online, or call our lovely receptionists on 07 3288 1000 for further information.

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