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75+ Health Assessment

This is a Health Check for patients over 75 years of age. It is a health check that should generally be undertaken by the patient’s usual doctor; that is, the GP (or a GP working in the same practice) who has provided the majority of services to you in the past 12 months and/or who is likely to provide the majority of services for the following 12 months.

The assessment looks at the a person’s health and physical, psychological and social function and whether preventative health care may be offered to that person, to improve their quality of life and independence in their home and in their community.

Elderly woman undergoing a blood sugar level check during her 75+ year old health assessment, administered by a caring healthcare professional.

Sometimes a little help with home duties, going shopping or gardening is all that is needed; or maybe you need more assistance such as help with showering, medications, or wound care. These are tasks that you can access through community care groups that you might not be aware that are available.

It is through these health checks, that you and your GP can identify any needs or concerns you have regarding maintaining your independence at home.

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