The Foot and Ankle Specialists

There are many Podiatry Clinics around that will only treat patients with sporting injuries or biomechanical problems. On the other hand, there are also many Podiatry Clinics that will only provide general foot care such as nail cutting and callous trimming.

The Foot & Ankle Specialists believe that Podiatry encompasses both of these aspects and that a person suffering pain should not be categorised into one class or another.

At The Foot & Ankle Specialists we treat any number of conditions and provide a range of services related to the health of your feet, including General Foot Care, Biomechanical Problems and Sporting Injuries, Aged Care, Diabetic Care and other Community Services.

The range of services available at The Foot & Ankle Specialists includes, but is not limited to:

–           General Nail and Foot Care

–           Diabetic Care

–           Heel, Foot and Ankle Pain

–           Knee and Leg Pain

–           Fully Functional Orthotics

–           Semi-customised Orthotics

–           Ingrown Toe Nails, including surgery

–           Home visits available