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    Clinton Laurence – Clinical Psychologist.

    Clinton focuses on improving mental well being and happiness through changing how you think and act and your interactions with the people around you.

    He supports you through this process and helps you to make better decisions.

    You can see Clinton up to 10 psychology sessions (50 min each) every calendar year with the support of one of the GP’s from “Doctors at Australia Fair”.

    All these sessions can be bulk billed* with a valid Medicare Card and a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP.
    *Please note private medical fees apply prior to your appointment if you do not have a valid Medicare Card or a Mental Health Care Plan.

    The following general psychological areas are covered by Medicare:

    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Adjustment
    • Sexual
    • Eating
    • Trauma
    • Addictions

    Clinton Laurence
    BHMS (Hons) M. ClinPsych
    Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis

    – See more at: Mental Health Plans

    Christina Spark

    Christina has over 20 years experience in counselling and supporting clients with a broad range of mental health issues.  She has a special interest in working with men and women struggling with anxiety, depression, stress, work/study/life balance and relationship issues.  Christina has valuable experience with working with transition issues and difficult circumstances which are often unexpected and traumatic e.g. loss of a loved one, development of significant health problems, relationship breakup, loss of a job and financial issues etc. Her work is based on evidence based frameworks.

    Christina prides herself on relating to her clients with an open emphatic approach, so clients can feel supported and empowered to face each problem and make some real meaningful changes in their lives.

    Dr Kathryn Gow

    Dr Kathryn Gow is currently working in the Redbank/Lockyer Valley/Somerset/Dalby regions and is experienced with anxiety, stress and depression issues.  Her trauma expertise includes coping (short and long term) with natural disasters (including drought) relationship breakups, family stress, job loss and survival.

    If you or your family, friends and work mates have problems with sleep, lack of motivation, no energy, in a “stuck state”, at your wit’s end and/or wondering what it’s all about, have a “face-to-face” chat with Kathryn who will work with you to help you take the steps to get more “on top of your problems”.

    Dr Kathryn Gow
    BA (Hons) – U of Qld, Grad Dip Mental Health (Clin Hyp) – U of Melbourne, Ph.D. – U of Qld, Registered Psychologist (AHPRA)